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Hillsong United Milwaukee Concert as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothEdifying, entertaining tunes, most with enough lyrics to keep them from sounding mantric and preformed with heartfely gusto. 

Will Hoge - Modern American Protest Music CD cover. Left-wing talking points set to song, just like in the good 'ole 'sixties.

thisislifehour6Driving guitars and percussion will win the love of all hard rock fans, yet they do not overwhelm the message of the lyrics, and will likely win fans who don’t normally listen to this genre of music.

Edan Concerts' Ignite Fest 2011 as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothEdan Concerts' summer festival brings Chicagoland and Milwaukee three packed days of promise, intrigue and greatness. Like any epic rock fest should.

DSCF0169A90Welcome back to our shores, Iona. First-timers and long time fans are in for a treat.

Iona Concert reviewed in The Phantom TollboothCeltic prog-jazz-ambient masters hit the road again.

Jana Nyberg Group, Mile Of Music Festival as reviewed in the Phantom Tollbooth

This jazz offering along with the varied genres presented at Appleton’s initial Mile Of Music festival proved successful in every way, but most particularly by providing art in a time when art is desperately needed.

A Pair of Jasons at The Blue Note


Here's trusting that Jason Gray, J.J. Heller and Josh Wilson get along off stage well as they appeared to do so on the stage of a county fairgrounds rec center in a concert to help a church about a half-hour away fete 20 years of ministry.


Jeff Allen Poster thumbClean never sounded so funny.

Jenny and Tyler at the BandB -110 Jenny and Tyler in concert. Live or online. Your choice.

jjhellerchristmasA singer-with-acoustic guitar appearance from someone who really delivers.

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