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The Phantom Tollbooth - Music Reviews

The Phantom Tollbooth

Music and more from a Christian perspective

Slow down, and have your change ready

Since 1996

Some beautiful piano here, with just the right back up from the rest of the jazz trio.



This summery piano, flute and saxes re-issue for label’s 50th anniversary meanders between jazz and classical.



Mostly Autumn’s last release Sight of Day was superb. Now they’re back – and this time it’s personal. Very personal.



Cardington is the latest project from Lifesigns, a prog band that combines virtuosity with a strong melodic stance grounded in solid songwriting …



This is an exquisite package – both music and visuals have beauty and style, while trying to recover precious things being lost.



High Standards features guitar master Mike Pachelli in a small jazz-combo setting, playing familiar standards with style, finesse, and a hint of blues for added flavor…



This thoughtful folk collection – an English teacher’s dream – features supremely intelligent and moving content bathed in simplicity and atmosphere, often from a female perspective.



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