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No bait-and-switch musical evangelism here – this rock opera is the real thing…

Irish Eurovision entrants deliver an authentic collection of national folk favourites with transatlantic guests.

Yet another 2019 release from guitar legend Keaggy and yet another where collaboration brings out different facets of his talents, while adding someone else’s to the mix. This one is more polished and Boston-like.

Using sonics ranging from pulsating electro-rock to a Salvation Army backing band, Gabriel Wilson is the right man to bring out the best sound that Smith has enjoyed since prime Delirious? days. Two of his best ever songs are right here.           

When your CV includes ‘assistant engineer’ on the last two of The Beatles’ albums and ‘engineer’ on Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, you are surely made for life.  If you like Parsons’ earlier Project work, you should enjoy this one.

Researching this set of celebratory jazz re-issues has twice led to ecstatic rambles through Weber’s live works on YouTube. This one is special.

Illumination puts virtuosity in the context of relatable songs – songs that reflect the artists’ hearts as much as their technical chops in a progressive pop format.

 Sting’s guitarist goes all French for this acoustic instrumental, whose atmospheric mood is light, feeling by turns improvised, fragmented and exploratory.

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