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…a gentle but powerful journey of musical invention.

The Lexington Stretch has an almost nostalgic vibe to it, maybe because it’s a reminder of what we really look for in music – the human touch…

 Brilliant as Bruce Cockburn is with lyrics, a whole instrumental album is just as much him at his best. It might even be the first one I'd choose to play.

This wonderfully succeeds in helping a new generation discover the majesty of hymns.

The steps to ultimate Genesis lead here. How can Hackett keep getting better, when there seems nowhere else to go? This one was always going to be special. I even got goosebumps watching the trailer.



Loved by critics, rock sound magpie Bruntnell writes songs about obscure subjects and Brexit. If Americana and surf had a child, fostered by psychedelic dream-pop, it might sound like this.



Beth and Emilie Key and their cousin Meghann Loney have at least matched the strengths of their last work, if not transcended it. This is beauty with guts and purpose.

Moody Blues bass player Lodge doesn’t release much under his own name and this is a best-of, drawing together band, duo and solo material.


 Household Tales

Household Tales will be one of the most refreshing records you hear this year (thanks John Mark Painter).



This set is like time travel – soulful singer-songwriter Vance recording in Alabama's iconic FAME studios, where the late Rick Hall masterminded some of the greatest sounds of the ‘sixties. It is a fine match.



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