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The Phantom Tollbooth

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Since 1996

Planetshakers put their joyful, Christ-centered stamp on Christmas.

Those looking more for cheer and fun, may prefer this over the spiritual companion but both are excellent.

The caped crusader might now be best known for his piano work. What he did for “Morning has Broken,” he is now doing for carols.

Vlada is back, with a more personal brand of melodic jazz/gospel/pop and a decade of new life-experience to back it up

Don’t assume that Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost is all tin whistles and dulcimers

West has a new life and new focus, but this is a short album of promise not quite fulfilled.

Behold, Plumb’s first Christmas release, colors a little outside the lines.

There’s plenty to bang your head to on this project, air-guitar moments galore, and enough gritty but operatic metal vocal licks to challenge the toughest of vocal chords ….

Among the dross of thousands of Christmas releases, this one stands out as a thoughtful, understated little gem.

Finally, Sara Groves covers a Stryper tune. Well, sort-of. Here’s Sara Groves’ second Christmas album – no frills, no jingle bells, but plenty of what Christmas is all about…. 

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